Chicken Project

Chicken Farming: Chicken Farming is very popular and profitable farming. Meat consumption since few years have rose sharply. For the meat two kinds of chicken breeds are commonly used via Boiler and Giriraj (local hybrid) . For project purpose we have chosen Giriraj , the local hybrid that grow fast and ready to sell after 3 months . This breed is immune to disease and grows upto 8 kgs in 3 months. The price of meat of this chicken is USD.4 and highly beneficial to farmer.
We provide 20 chicks, construct chicken house and provide chicken food for one time. The total cost for chicken farming for one family is USD.40 .After maturity, the family will earn USD.500-USD.600. Farmer after that can buy more chicks and sell. There is no market problem so far.
Expected Number: 50 families
Training on Chicken Farming: USD.500
Construction of Chicken House-50USD.30 : USD.1500
Purchase of 1000 Chicken-1000USD.1.5 :USD.1500
Chicken Food for one time-1000*USD.0.5: USD.500
Total: USD.4000