Duck Project

Duck farming is very popular and absolutely a lucrative business. Duck’s eggs are often used in worshipping purpose that is the reason it has market throughout the year. Duck meat demand is increasing but the supply has not able to meet it. Duck is farm near to pond or riverside. In addition, it needs less investment and less care compare to others.

We provide 20 duckling, construct duck house and provide duckling food for one time. The total cost for duck farming for one family is USD.40 .After maturity; the family will earn USD.500-USD.600. Farmer after that can buy more duckling and sell. There is no market problem so far.

Expected Number: 50 families
Training on Duck Farming: USD.500
Construction of Duck House-50*USD.30 : USD.1500
Purchase of 1000 Ducks-1000*USD.1.5 :USD.1500
Ducks Food for one time-1000*USD.0.5: USD.500
Total: USD.4000