Goat Project

Goat farming is a profitable business with a low investment because of its multi-functional utility like meat and milk that are very nutritious. Goats are the widely use and important livestock. Goat farming is the main sources for generating income in rural areas of Nepal, people are used to maximize their benefits and survive their lives. Every year Nepal important more than 50,000 bucks for meat purpose so there is very good market for it.  Important thing, in rural area can easily farm the goat.

Two goats if properly farmed will yield benefit up to USD.12000 in three years as per business plan developed by Rotary Club of Dhulikhel.

Expected Number :50 families
Training on Goat farming :USD.500
Purchase of 100 goats-100*USD.100: USD.10,000
Purchase of 2 Boer Breeds Buck- 2*USD.300:USD.600
Total: USD. 11,100