Improved Seed Project

Farmers have limited access to improved seeds, new technologies, and market opportunities. Declining agricultural production has depressed rural economies and increased widespread hunger and urban migration. Thirty-six percent of Nepali children under the age of 5 years suffer from chronic malnutrition, or stunting, which causes debilitating effects such as blindness, brain damage, and infectious diseases, which can result in lifetime damage.

Most of people have lost their jobs in urban areas and many people went to their respective villages and want to work in their small land to grow vegetable, food grains etc. Because of it, the market seeds are not available easily in the market. Government is also not paying much attention in the agricultural fields. It is important to have seeds in time for timely harvest to rid of the food security problem in near future. Covid-19 pandemic seems to taking long time than expected and survival is important things.

With improved seed the production of vegetable can be incremented by 60-70%.

Expected Number :50 families
Training on Kitchen Garden & organic manure making :USD.500
20 kinds of vegetable seeds -50*USD.20: USD.1000
Total: USD. 1500