Matching Grants

Project NameBudget
MG 12639Blood Bank at Dhulikhel Hospital
MG 19739Public Toilet Project-Dhulikhel (2001)$7000.00
MG 16318Greenery and Garden Development
Project (2002)
Musical Instruments for School (2003)$12,500.00
MG 58579Public Toilet Project-Dhulikhel (2006)$13,965.00
MG 58268Strengthening Dental Clinic at Dhulikhel
Hospital (2006)
MG 60698Establishment of Medical Air Compressor
Unit at Dhulikhel Hospital (2006)
Computer Training Center for Youth
MG 60285Computer lab for Sanjiwani Hight School,
Dhulikhel (2008)
MG 61148Vocational Skill for Disable People of
Kavre (2007)
MG 62705Shree Ganesh School Education Project-
Kavre (2007)
MG 63200Anm Training Project-Kavre (2007-2011)$19,200.00
MG 69717Disability Support Project through
Training and mobility devices- Kavre
MG 74207Organic Agriculture Training Project at
HASERA-Patlekhet (2011)
MG 75816Kavre Deaf School (2012)$22,500.00
MG 75991Colour Doppler Machine for Dhulikhel
Hospital (2012)
MG 76442School Bus Support for Kavre Disable
School, Banepa (2012)
MG 74335Bhuwaneswori Primary School (2011)$15,575.00
MG 76945Solar Power Support for Bayalpata
Hospital-Achham (2013)
MG 79776School Support Project-Khiraule-
Solukhumbu (2013)
MG 76442School Bus for disables children$44,722.00
MG 79059Computer Education Support
Establishing computer education Services
MG 77993Shree N.R HS School, Pipradhi, Bara,
Nepal; Provide school furniture,
Computers books ans libraries for 500
MG 77094Installation of Deep Boring Water Project$13,707.00
MG 72402Sustainable Organic Agriculture TainingProject
MG 77899Lou Capazzola-Bridge to Education,
MG 69529RH - Camp Germany$34,610.00