Protecting Children From Severe Cold-Nepal

Winter for Nepalese is all about biting cold and life frozen all around. In the last three years alone, at least 45 people have died due to severe cold. The impact of winter is much severe in the Terai belt where thick blanket of cold waves grip the lives of millions of people year after year.
Enveloped in mist and dust particles, the lingering layers of cold wave result in the marked cooling of air. “To predict the exact occurrence of cold wave has always been a huge challenge. However, cold wave is an annual occurrence.
For the past few years, cold wave has become one of the major threats to the lives of locals residing in 23 districts in Tarai. The annual death toll and its impact on human lives have clearly proven the dangers posed by cold waves over the years. As per the record of National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC), the department under the Ministry of Home Affairs, cold wave over the past three years has already claimed the lives of 46 people across 15 districts. Most of the human casualties were reported from the districts in the Terai belt.

In Terai region due to extreme poverty in many places , children are not able to have proper warm clothes to protect them from severe cold because of that among the death, the number of children are reported to be high.

Rotary Club of Dhulikhel has been supporting the children & community in Terai region-Nepal to protect them from cold to the some extend.Club in cooperation with international Rotary clubs raise the fund to support hundreds of children every years.








Project Name: Protecting Children From Severe Cold-Nepal
Target: 200 children from Terai region-Nepal
Budget: 200 Children * $15 (Warm Cloth For Children)=USD.3000

Your Small Support Can Help To Protect Poor & Innocent Children From Severe Cold

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