Protecting Community During Disaster

Project Name:Protecting Community From Disaster (Flood, Landslides & Cold Waves)

Goal: To protect the community during the disaster especially flood, Landslides & Cold Waves

1. To provide immediate relief materials both food & shelters to disaster hit community through local government.
2. To provide first aid kits with Manual in Nepali to community to save lives during disaster.
3. Provide radio & emergency numbers for information and communication.
4. Provides water boats to local government for rescue the people from floods.

Target Group: Hilly & Terai areas of Nepal where landslides, floods and Cold waves are common.

Project Rationale: Nepal is disaster prone nation .Within two years span it has witnessed lot of destruction and dead in the form of NepalEarthquake2015 & floods2017 which has pushed Nepal 15 years backwards. Earthquake, floods, landslide, house fire, cold waves etc are common disaster seen in Nepal. Every year Nepal witness landslides, floods & cold waves affecting millions of people and in many cases dead cases are reported.

Flood Disaster in 2017 (Glimpse)

Southern Part of Nepal during floods 2017

Project Methodology: This project aim to provide practical items for the victims during the disaster and has been categorized  following :

  1. First Aid Kits with how to use manual in Nepali language.
  2. Immediate Food Package (necessary food items for a week)
  3. Disaster Relief Kits (includes items for shelters  & communication)
  4. Rafting Boat for local bodies to rescue (for rescue during floods)

Every-year we plan to support 200 families with above support except bullet 4.

Budget :We have chosen culturally fit & most needed items in our program and budget is design accordingly.

First Aid Kits with  :USD.10*200=USD.2000

Immediate Food Package: USD.20*200=USD.4000

Disaster Relief Kits:USD.50*200=USD.10000

Rafting Boat :USD.1500(tentative) * 2=USD.3000

Total :USD.19,000

Note: We welcome your suggestion and idea.We accept any kind of support.