Rotary Riding to Education Project

In November 2018 , during the school bag distribution program at Adharbhut Community School  Darampur -7 , Siraha District one of the girl student name Biva Yadav approached the past president & assistant governor Rtn.Ranjeev Shrestha and requested him “Sir could you please provide me the bicycle i have to walk long distance to come school, i want to study nicely “ , Rtn.Ranjeev Shrestha just smile . Mr.Shrestha requested generous Rotarian from Rotary Club of Port Macquarie -Australian Rtn.Brittani Michelle who was coming to do Chicken Project With Rotary Club of Dhulikhel in facebook messenger. She immediately agreed to support the bicycle . Both Rtn.Ranjeev Shrestha & Rtn.Brittani Michelle went to school with 50 school bags & bicycle. When Rtn.Brittani Michelle handed over the bicycle she didn’t believe and starred the eyes with surprise. She was so happy to get bicycle as it eases her to go school and do other household stuffs.












In most of the village of Southern Nepal ,especially the girls from poor economic background they do not have enough time to study as they have do lot of household stuffs & have to walk distance to go school, resulting in low academic scores, forcing them to eventually drop out of school.

For poor rural people, a valuable economic and social means of transportation is the use of bicycles.

Hence in February 8 ,2019 ; Rotary Club of Dhulikhel has planned to start project :Rotary Riding to Education Project

Rotary Riding to Education Project is a temporal measure intended to help girls stay in school while the government improves access to education.

Biva Yadav is the first beneficiary of the project and she says it has helped to improve her access to education .

Initially,Rotary Club of Dhulikhel has targeted to provide 50 bicycles at Dharampur village of Siraha where literacy rate is around 20-30%.

Very good & comfortable bicycle cost: USD.100.

Rotary Club of Lakewood-USA: 2 bicycles supported to Kumari Paswan & Nitu Thakur

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