Stationary Support Project












Project Name:Stationary Support Project For underprivileged & low income student
Goal:To project the right to education of underprivileged & low income student
Objectives : In many rural areas school of Nepal ,many student cannot afford the stationary due to poverty and school hardly manage the stationary for them as there is no separate budget for it.Due to which many student either don’t go to school or drop the school.Rotary club of Dhulikhel has been supporting the stationary of many schools since long time.The main objectives of this project are:

1.To encourage the student to go to school.
2.To control the  dropout of student.

Target Group: 500 student of Rural schools of Nepal
Project Methodology: Normally this project support the Copy, Pencil/Pen, School Bag, Sharpener ,Eraser & Geometry Box from Class 1-8.
Budget:The total budget for this project is USD.16140

1.Copy:100 copies per student*500*25cent=USD.12500

2.Pencil:3 Pencils per student*300*10cent=USD.90

3.Eraser:3 Eraser per student*300*10cent=USD.90

4.Sharpener: 2 Sharpener per student*300*10cent=USD.60

5.Pen:2 Pen per student*200*50cent=USD.200

6.Geometry Box: 1 Geometry Box per student*200* $1=USD.200

7.School Bag: 1 Bag per student*500*$6=USD.3000

Note:Any Interested Rotary Club/Rotarian/Individual can contribute small amount out of budget to educate the underprivileged & low income student.