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Project Name:Plastic Pond For Vegetable Farming

Project Area: Dhulikhel,Dapcha & Pachkhal

Objective: To support vegetable farming during dry season . After earthquake people are struggling for sustainable livelihood .During dry season the condition become bad to worst due to shortage of water and unable to do farming. Plastic pond provide extra water to grow vegetable and people can make earning out of it.

Number of Plastic Pond:12

Project Cost: USD.2400 (USD.200 per pond  that includes good quality plastic,pipes & technical support )

Beneficiaries : Around 150 people  will be benefited by this project directly .

Tentative Month : January -April 2018












Project Name:Chicken Farming Project 
Project Area
: Kavre, Kosipari, Jyamdi, Roshi, Mandan Deupur
Objective: To support the underprivileged , marginalized , disadvantage & low income family for sustainable livelihood.After NepalEarthquake2015 , 700000 more poor people are added and struggling for livelihood. Chicken is the cheap and easy way to uplift the livelihood of the people.
Project Cost: USD.3000 (USD.30 per family)
Beneficiaries: Around 100 family will be benefited directly
Tentative Month:January -April 2018








Project Name:Lunch Program For School
Project Area: Shree PurnaSanjiwani Lankhanamai School, Shree Harisiddhi Basic School , Shree Ganesh Basic School, Shree Panchakanya Basic School
Objective: Many children from underprivileged & low income don’t go to school regularly because their parent cannot afford to send lunch with their children .The story is very much common in many community based schools where children from underprivileged & low income study.This project  helps children to learn more effectively & reduce the school dropout.
Project Cost: USD.7500 for one year (15 cent per day for 200 schooling days )
Beneficiaries: 250 children from 4 schools of age 4-10 years .
Tentative Month:April 2018