Washable Sanitary Pad Project

This provides washable, reusable pads to these girls so that they can stay in school. Longterm, we will help limit the ecological damage caused by disposable pads being thrown into rivers and on the streets in rural areas where there is no municipal trash collection. This project will also create jobs and seamstress training for local women in our Sewing Project to make pads.

In Nepal, reusable sanitary pads are getting popular and can be the source of income for the girls and women by sewing it. But majority of the girls and women don’t have idea on it. Providing training on it makes many girls and women employee. Nepal Government is promoting the reusable sanitary pad in schools so it’s great opportunity for girls and women to be self-employed or employee in some tailoring shop.

Produced reusable sanitary pad will be donated to community schools of Nepal.

Expected Number :100 girls and women
Training cost for 100 girls and women : 100* USD.20 : USD.2000
Raw materials for usable sanitary pad lump sum : USD.2000
Total: USD. 4000