Rotary Youth Center


Drug abuse problem in Nepal has become very serious in Nepal. Particularly, the urban and sub-urban areas of Nepal are susceptible to sale and abuse of drugs. Therefore, the society, families and the life of adolescents of these areas of Nepal are highly affected and endangered due to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other pharmaceutical drugs. Most of the drug users started drug use very early before they reach 20.Over the last six years, current hard drug users have significantly increased from 46,310 (2006) to 91,534(2009) according to the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal Government.And it is speculated that the number rose in fast rate till 2017.

Besides drugs , youth are  addicted to social media especially facebook due to which socialization have been diminishing . Social values & norms are degrading . Discussion on social issues have started to decline .Sport activities are replaced by online games . Respect towards senior and family have been declining which is  used to be culture of Nepalese society.

Above trends have long lasting impact on family,society and national as a whole. Competent youth are the future of any Nation. Investment in youth is very important in current scenario , more important than before.But due to volatile politics and lack of resources Nepal couldn’t make sufficient investment for youth

Youth should be trained to increase their capacity and crave to make responsible  citizen . Embracing these facts , Rotary Club of Dhulikhel initiate to invest in youth to make them responsible,accountable and capable in the form of Rotary Youth Center.

Youth Center

A youth center  often called youth club, is a place where young people can meet and participate in a variety of activities, for example computer learning,sport activities ,social discussion ,movie watching including many useful activities. In Nepal ,Computer literacy is very crucial but no accessible to many youth . Especially for low income youth, computer literacy is big problem and couldn’t apply for job which includes computer training is mandatory.Besides computer literacy , Nepali youth lack forum where discussion is made on different contemporary issues . Social discussion makes youth aware of social issues and helps to make them responsible citizen.


Project Name: Rotary Youth Center

Project Goal: To empower youth & engage them in social activities to become responsible citizen

Objectives: The objectives of Rotary Youth Center are:

  1. To give training on computer literacy, leadership,  public speaking etc.
  2. To organize discussion on social issues like domestic violence, sustainable development in Nepal etc.
  3. To invite social leaders for motivational speech to youth.
  4. To involve youth in sport activities .
  5. To provide vocational training.

Target Group: Youth from age 14-25

Project Methodology: Following activities will be done

  1. Rent 3 rooms ; one for computer lab,second for discussion & training room with multimedia & third for sport rooms
  2.  Setup 5 members managing committee to run youth center ; President,Vice-President,Secretary ,Treasurer and Office Secretary
  3. Youth can be member of Rotary Youth Center by paying NRs.500 ($5) per year

Budget: Initial budget for Rotary Youth Center are:

  • Rent for 3 rooms: NRs.15000*12 months=NRs.180,000
  • 10 Computers with chairs & tables:NRs.35000+NRs.2500+NRs.4500 (NRs.42000)*10=NRs.420,000
  • Project=NRs.50,000
  • Laptop=NRs.50,000
  • Projector Screen=NRs.20,000
  • Internet Connection=NRs.25000 per Year
  • 40 meeting chairs:NRs.5000*40=NRs.200,000
  • Telephone:NRs.10,000
  • Office Chair:NRs.6,000
  • Office Table:NRs.10,000
  • Office drawer:NRs.20,000
  • Table Tennis Board:NRs.50,000

Total:1,221,000(USD.11971)   ;1 USD=NRs.102

Total Budget For Project

Total for 3 Rotary Youth Center =USD.11971*3=USD.35913
Monitoring Cost=USD.100,000
Contingency Cost=USD.300,000
Grand Total=USD.435913

Sustainability: After initial investment, Rotary Youth Center need USD.2010 to pay room rents & internet which they can easily cover through membership fee & support from local bodies. Following activities are done to make Rotary Youth Center sustainable:

  • Estimated 150 Youth can be member of Rotary Youth Center i.e 150*USD.5=USD.750
  • Support from Local Government ;USD.2000
  • Estimated Fee from rent from program organized by other organization in free time =USD.500

Total income from Rotary Youth Center=USD. 3250 which is more than enough to cover the Rotary Youth  Center  overhead .

Project Sites: Dhulikhel Muncipality (16,263 population) , Pachkhal Municipality (39,788 population) & Bethanchowk Village Development (11,000)